‘Every child deserves the best possible start in life

and the support that enables them to fulfill their potential’

-Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, 2021

We believe in building strong foundations for our pupils at the earliest opportunity.  

Bright Start is a school readiness programme for children joining FS1 to ensure the best possible start to becoming a lifelong 'Brightonian'. The programme runs from April to June before the start of the new Academic year in August.

Children, along with parents or carers, will be invited into school twice a week for stay and play sessions. Pupils will become familiar with the environment, meet the teachers, and engage in activities that will help build their levels of independence and confidence. Whilst children are busy having fun in the classroom with the teachers, parents and carers will be invited to attend workshops and talks from experts in the field of early education and child development.

Brighton College Early Years will become your families ‘home away from home’.

Sessions include:

·       What to expect and when - Understanding the seven areas of the Early Years curriculum with a focus on the Prime Areas; Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical Development and Communication and Language

·       Stretch and challenge – Meeting the needs of all children, to help them reach their full potential

·       How to support your child’s learning and development at home

·       Strategies and resources to support children learning English as an additional language  

·       Welcome to Dubai – Parent advice session for those that are new to Dubai

Sessions led by Dr Lene Rensburg, Counsellor at Brighton College Dubai:


Children don’t come with an instruction manual so how do us parents know that we’re doing it right? Parenting is so rewarding…but it can be tough sometimes. Children are human and just like us, they make mistakes. They aren’t robots that can be programmed to perfection, and neither are we. How do we set boundaries and encourage positive behaviours, and what are some techniques for managing situations where children 'act out'? Come and join us for a session to unpick practical tools and advice to managing this ‘thing’ we call “parenting”.


Having your son or daughter cling to you at the start of a school day or getting the complaints from the night before is not easy on the heart and emotions of any parent. Anxiety is a normal human emotion; however it can be tricky when it starts to affect everyday functioning. Dealing with anxiety becomes more manageable the moment we understand it better.