We are pleased to be working with MasterCook to provide healthy, delicious and balanced meals for the pupils at Brighton College Dubai. MasterCook uses high-quality ingredients to prepare fresh food for the students each day, with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, texture-altering chemicals, additives, trans-fats, GMO or preservatives.


The menu changes daily and rotates on a two-week cycle and is priced at AED 22 per day. You can learn more about MasterCook on their website.

There are also a variety of drinks, break-time snacks, sandwiches and salads available at the Cafe and these are charged individually.

There is also breakfast available at the school every day between 7:30am and 8:00am, offering various cereal options along with toast and spreads for AED 10 per day.


School meals are purchased with the student’s ID card or wristband. With Master Cook's online payment platform, it's easy for parents to ‘top up’ their child’s account online and utilise features such as a daily spending allowance, auto-reminders when the card balance is low and even check their child’s food choices. You can register for an account by contacting Admissions.