Message from the Head Master

Brighton College Dubai

A very warm welcome to Brighton College Dubai!

We are a talented and diverse community. Our pupils are drawn from the able and aspirational youth of Dubai, and our staff from among the most inspirational of British and international educators.

The balance struck at Brighton College UK in providing true academic excellence (146 Oxbridge places in the past five years) alongside a real commitment to an understanding of the impact that kindness has among our community, provides the basis for the outstanding education demonstrated in our sister schools here in the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Brighton College UK was named 'England's Independent School of the Year, 2019' and the ‘most forward thinking school in the UK’ by leading educational reviews. We take forward in Dubai the same challenging curriculum, leading to GCSEs and A-levels, and compliment it with an exciting co-curriculum including music, sport, drama and the arts.

The key features of a Brighton College education define our school: academic excellence, enabling our pupils to access the world’s leading universities; an innovative and creative approach to learning, to ensure that our pupils are ready for the world of tomorrow; the importance of kindness; and encouraging boys and girls to aspire to make a real difference in the lives of others. However, we also understand that children’s aspirations beyond school are individual and that they need to be open to broad horizons. That is why entrepreneurship and innovation in learning are key features of a Brighton education.

Brighton College Dubai provides your son or daughter with the full Brighton College experience. Their talents and potential is our focus and as they progress through school, our pupils harness their capacity and confidence to go forward in a fast-paced and challenging world. Their self-confidence, worn in a manner of respect and understanding of those around them and the wider community, prepares them for success in adult life as citizens of the world.

In addition, a unique advantage of a Brighton College Dubai education will be the Thuluth program, which supports the delivery of the Arabic elements of our curriculum, enabling our pupils to develop a fuller appreciation of the culture, history and place of Dubai within a global context.

Our goal is to educate the whole person. From our many years of success, we know how it can be achieved. We know it requires great commitment and can bring great joy to learning and life in general. Our ability to make a difference to the lives of our pupils has been an inspiration for our pupils to go forward and make a difference to the lives of others.

I hope that, in sharing our aspirations, you connect with us by registering your interest here.

I look forward to meeting you and your son or daughter.

Marco Longmore

Marco Longmore

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