The College doesn’t believe that careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) should be a tag-on service, but rather that helping our pupils to explore future pathways and giving them the confidence to be ambitious and open-minded when thinking about next steps is the responsibility of all members of staff.

In the Senior School our subject teachers seek to instill a curiosity about their fields beyond the curriculum and to discuss future pathways as a matter of course in the classroom. Our guidance is always impartial and recognizes that, just as there is no ‘Brighton type’ of pupil, there are no superior or inferior pathways. The goal is always the same; to give our pupils the tools they need to make their own informed decisions about their futures.

As pupils progress through the Senior School, we deploy a number of key CEIAG tools in order to meet all 8 of the Gatsby benchmarks. These include:

·       Regular visits by, and to universities

·       Work experience placements for all pupils in Years 10 and 12

·       Careers Week in Year 12

·       Access to all CAIG services on the Unifrog Platform from years 10 upwards

·       Universities Week for Sixth Form pupils

·       Guest speakers from professionals in a range of different backgrounds

·       Personal guidance by tutors, teachers and mentors

CEAIG is also interwoven into the PSHE and Moral, Social and Cultural Studies lessons, as well as into the curriculum in lessons across all key stages.