Fees and Payments

Tuition Fees

Thank you for your interest in Brighton College Dubai.

Please find below information relating to our tuition fees:

Level KHDA Approved Fees (AED)

Fees for 2020-2021 (AED)

For new joiners after 2nd August 2020

Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) 64,000 55,500
Foundation Stage 2 (FS2) 80,000 57,200
Year 1 86,000 61,000
Year 2 86,000 64,600
Year 3 86,000 65,000
Year 4 86,000 65,000
Year 5 91,000 65,100
Year 6 91,000 65,100
Year 7 91,000 74,100
Year 8 91,000 79,200
Year 9 102,000 80,500
Year 10 107,000 82,400
Year 11 107,000 88,700
Year 12 107,000 88,700
Year 13 107,000 91,400

Note: Please note we are only open to and including Year 11 in (2020-21).

*Tuition Fees do not include individual use laptops/tablets/computers, uniform, food services, transport, examination fees or extra-curricular activities outside school hours.

*All tuition fees are payable in advance of attendance.

Click here to download the KHDA’s School Fees Framework

Applicable fee increases will be subject to KHDA approval and will be applied to the Founding Fee discounted rates as well as the KHDA approved fees.  In line with KHDA regulations, new schools in Dubai cannot apply to increase their fees until the end of the College’s third year of operation.



Sibling Discounts: We offer families with two or more children a sibling discount. This is 5% for the second child and third child, 10% for the fourth child, 15% for the fifth child and subsequent children. Sibling discounts are applicable on the Founders Fee for 2019/2020.

Referral Discounts:  We are pleased to offer referral discounts for Brighton College families. Each family is entitled to refer three parents and will receive 5% discount per family referral. For terms and conditions and the referral form, please click here.

Early Payment Discount: We also offer families an early payment discount of  2% full payment of tuition fees.


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