The Center of Excellence for Arabic Language, Culture and Arts

The Center of Excellence for Arabic Language, Culture and Arts

The Center of Excellence for Arabic Language, Culture and Arts is dedicated to the development of intercultural dialogue and the facilitation of a deeper understanding of the Arab culture, heritage and traditions. The Center will offer a comprehensive and engaging educational programme focused on the learning and retaining of the Arabic language for pupils of all ages, including native and non-native speakers. It will also provide training and support for teachers of the Arabic curricula subjects to guarantee the implementation of excellent pedagogical practices and standards across all Arabic subjects, and ensure a positive and maximised learning environment for all pupils.

The Center will also provide opportunities for immersion in the rich Arab culture and heritage through an appreciation for its art, music and traditions. Opportunities to experience the art of calligraphy, the Arabic musical instruments, the local Emirati dialect, and the fascinating customs will be provided to pupils, parents and teachers, better immersing them in the local culture and traditions.

In addition, the Center will act as a cultural hub for youth, creatives and the community, offering an exciting range of programmes and activities in crafts, visual and performing arts, and design technologies. These exciting programs will be delivered in state-of-the-art facilities including ceramics and metalsmithing workshops, a design lab, a smart library, and an art gallery.

By providing these opportunities and programmes, the Center aims to create an environment that promotes tolerance, curiosity and understanding, better preparing pupils as global citizens in a competitive global economy.

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