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How to Apply || Application Checklist || Entrance Age Information

Brighton College Dubai is a British Curriculum, academically selective. Co-educational school but we do not select on academic ability alone. We look for pupils who will make the most of the opportunities and challenges that will lie ahead of them and who will, in turn, contribute to and enrich the Brighton College Community.

We understand that choosing a school can sometimes be a daunting task and the process may differ from your home country or from the current school that your son or daughter is enrolled within the UAE.  Please be assured that our admissions team will guide you through the process and should you have any questions during the process, you can contact our Admissions Manager, Mrs Dawn Rennie on +971 54 792 9253 (

All prospective parents are required to complete our online Application Form, which can be accessed on the following link.

Once your application has been received, a member of the admissions team will contact you to request the essential supporting documents required to process your son/daughter’s application. Please note, your application will become ‘active’ once all of the essential supporting documents are received.

Your child will then be invited to attend an introduction meeting/entry assessment at the College. Should this be successful, a Formal Offer Letter and Acceptance Form will be emailed to you.

To summarise

  1. Initial enquiry
  2. Completion of the online application form
  3. Submission of the required documents
  4. Attendance at the College Office for a family meeting (and assessments for entry)
  5. Should this be successful an offer letter and acceptance form will be sent via email

Other Information

The language of instruction at Brighton College Dubai is English and whilst language support is available for those pupils for whom English is an additional language, the Admissions process may require non-native English speakers to undertake a supplementary language proficiency assessment. This assessment determines the ease with which the College curriculum can be accessed, based on a child’s point of entry in their respective academic year group.

The academic year runs from September to June and our term dates are confirmed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

We look forward to welcoming you to Brighton College Dubai.

How to Apply

Brighton College Dubai is a academically selective co-educational school which offers the British Curriculum to students from FS1 to Year 9 (3 – 13 years of age) for the academic year 2018/19.  The college will organically grow each year to reach Year 13.

A child’s point of entry into the College is based on their date of birth. Year group entry ages can be found in the 'Entry Ages' page to the left or by downloading it here. We would kindly ask that you refer to this document before completing the Online Application Form. The Admissions Team will contact you in relation to the submission of documentation once you have completed the online registration form.

Please note that we are unable to process incomplete applications.

The College welcomes applications from able students of all backgrounds and nationalities. However, it is only our age appropriate student selection assessments which would enable us to establish each prospective student’s academic potential. Student selection assessments are by invitation only, once the application stage has been fully completed. The assessments would usually take place at the College Office, however, if the child’s current school is overseas, the assessments may be completed there.

If you require any assistance or would like to make an initial enquiry, please contact our Admissions Manager, Mrs Dawn Rennie on +971 54 792 9253 (

Application Checklist

Once the Admissions Team have received your application form, they will be in touch to request the following supporting documentation (scanned, emailed and individually labelled in a pdf format):-

  • 1 x up to date passport sized colour photograph pupil (plain white background)
  • Copy of pupil’s passport
  • Copy of pupil’s residence visa * (not required for GCC Nationals)
  • Copy of pupil’s birth certificate (check with Admissions for Attestation and Translation Requirements)
  • Copy of pupil’s immunisation records
  • Copy of pupil’s school report ** for previous 2 years (if applicable )
  • Copy of father’s passport
  • Copy of mother’s passport
  • Copy of father’s residence visa * (not required for GCC Nationals)
  • Copy of mother’s residence visa * (not required for GCC Nationals)
  • Copy of father’s Emirates ID card * ( both sides)
  • Copy of mother’s Emirates ID card * (both sides)
  • Copy of pupil’s Emirates ID card * (both sides)

Where residence visas and Emirates Identity cards are being processed, please ensure these are provided as soon as possible.

** If your child is successful and an offer is made, for registration purposes the last original term/year School Report must be signed and stamped by your child’s current school.

Please note that we are unable to process incomplete applications.

Entrance Age Information

Pupil entrance age 2018-2019

Date Of Birth Age UK IB/USA/UAE
1 September 2000-31 August 2001 17-18 13 12
1 September 2001-31 August 2002 16-17 12 11
1 September 2002-31 August 2003 15-16 11 10
1 September 2003-31 August 2004 14-15 10 9
1 September 2004-31 August 2005 13-14 9 8
1 September 2005-31 August 2006 12-13 8 7
1 September 2006-31 August 2007 11-12 7 6
1 September 2007-31 August 2008 10-11 6 5
1 September 2008-31 August 2009 9-10 5 4
1 September 2009-31 August 2010 8-9 4 3
1 September 2010-31 August 2011 7-8 3 2
1 September 2011-31 August 2012 6-7 2 1
1 September 2012-31 August 2013 5-6 1 KG2
1 September 2013-31 August 2014 4-5 FS2 KG1
1 September 2014-31 August 2015 3-4 FS1 PRE-KG1

Transfer Certificate

In order to comply with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) regulations, all students must submit a Transfer Certificate (TC) from his/her current school. This must be submitted prior to the first day of attendance.

The TC can be submitted in English or Arabic. The TC needs to be completed on the school’s official letterhead paper, signed by the School Principal and stamped. The certificate must be an original – photocopies will not be accepted.

Please refer to the below table for clarification on the required attestation from your home country.

If you have any questions, please contact the schools Admissions Office on +971 54 792 9253 (

Please click here to view a sample Transfer Certificate.

Location Attestation required by Ministry of Education

Canada (except Quebec)

North America

Western Europe


  • School Principal's signature and school stamp

Middle East (excluding the UAE)

South and Central America


Former Russian States

Eastern Europe


New Zealand

  • School Principal’s signature and school stamp
  • Ministry of Education in current school’s location
  • UAE Embassy in current school’s location
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE
Another Emirate of the UAE
  • School Principal’s signature and school stamp (TC must be in Arabic)
  • Ministry of Education in current Emirate
Another School in Abu Dhabi
  • School Principal’s signature and school stamp (TC must be in Arabic)

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