KHDA Charges

Should you require attested documents or official documents that are provided via the KHDA, please refer to the listed services and tariff below.

Fees are as stipulated by KHDA*:

  1. If you intend moving your child to another school in Dubai, the transfer is completed online via the KHDA system at a charge of AED120 that you will need to pay the new school, as outlined by the KHDA.
  2. If you intend to move your child to another school in the Emirates, an attested Leaving Certificate from the KHDA is required at a charge of AED120.
  3. For any overseas transfers, please seek clarification from  the new school.  Depending on the country, you may be asked for attestations from the Embassy/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  It is the parents’ responsibility to obtain all such attestations and the school is not responsible for this.
  4. KHDA Education Continuation Certificate requested for pupil’s visa renewal is at a charge of AED120.
  5. School Education Continuation certificate signed by the Headmaster on school’s letter head and stamped by school stamp is requested free of charge.
  6. KHDA attestation for pupil’s certificate or report card is requested at a charge of AED120.
  7. KHDA Student Good Conduct Certificate is requested at a charge of AED120.
  8. KHDA certificate “To whomsoever it may concern” for matters related to Pupils and Academic History is requested at a charge of AED120.


If you have requested one of the above services, kindly submit payment of the respective amount directly to the schools accounts office prior to collecting your documents.

*These charges are current as per May 2020 and are subject to change at KHDA’s discretion.

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