Where 150 years of outstanding education adapts with agility to the challenges of the moment.

We have called on our heritage and our extensive experience to deliver a premium British Curriculum education online.


At Brighton College Dubai, we combine the best of both traditional and forward-thinking education based on sound educational pedagogy and 21st century teaching techniques.

Our experienced and highly qualified teachers who provide outstanding teaching in the traditional classroom have creatively adapted their educational approach to deliver the same level of learning excellence online. Our faculty ensures that live learning not only drives focus to the academic aspects of school life, but that it also includes the social elements of the classroom, including assemblies and live interactions for feedback, and discussions with peers.



Where individual pupils’ needs meet tailored e-learning sessions.

The technology provides real time data to support rapid pupil progress. This enables us to provide personalized learning specifically tailored for each pupils’ strengths, needs, skills and interests. Our teachers engage with pupils each day through a combination of live learning, one to one tutor session, and pre-recorded tutorials, that allow our pupils to develop a love of learning and to thrive across all subjects.

Our exceptional pastoral provision enables our pupils to stay inspired, motivated, and intellectually curious. We impart a love of learning and develop an enthusiasm for the world beyond E-classrooms such as art, music, sport and creativity through cognitive-enhancing activities such as “No Tech Tuesday”.



Where our innovative virtual initiatives work to strengthen our community spirit.

Along with learning online etiquette, our pupils are also embracing this time to practice kindness, adaptability, open mindedness and individual learning. As school leaders we are constantly engaged with our pupils, parents, and teachers through calls, via email and through our e-workshops in order to ensure that we are all on the edge of the very best of E-Learning at each stage.


Parent Testimonials

"We are very impressed with the collaborative efforts by the educational faculty and administrators during this challenging time. 

- Year 7 Parent


Generally I have been very happy with the online classes. Most teachers, in particular our Maths and English teachers are amazing! Mrs Thompson, Mrs Yates and Mr Eskander - always cheerful, funny, helpful and also great at teaching - making it interesting! 

- Year 9 Parent


We are very happy to see "Tech Free Tuesdays" provide opportunities for siblings to work together. The music lessons provide a nice break, as do live reading ("Fantastic Fox" / "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"). Thank you for responding quickly to previous feedback provided by class reps. 

- Year 2 Parent


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